Our Strengths

01Wide Range Lineup of Stamping Machinery

Our stamping machines comprise of a wide line-up, from high-speed stamping machines of 15 tons to large precision stamping machines of 110 tons. We have the equipment and know-how to respond to mass production of pressed products of all connectors, such as 15 to 20-ton stamping machines for products that require high-speed stamping with thin material strips, 60 to 80-ton stamping machines for relatively large stamping die set such as shell shapes, and 110-ton presses with strokes of 180 mm for high-height bending pin.

02High speed Stamping Machinery for Mass Production

WADA INDUSTRIES is equipped with stamping machinery (SX-20) that can support up to 2,400 SPM. Our die manufacturing capabilities ensure ultra-high speed stamping and stable mass production with our unique metal material feeder made for ultra-high speed stamping. As such, we can ensure high speed stamping of thin metal materials, which was previously difficult to support.
In addition to the contacts of board-to-board connectors and FPC connectors for consumer market, we can also support a variety of the contacts and terminals such as TAB CONTACT for automotives.

03Experiences in Large-scale Precision Stamping such as Forming Shield Case for 5G

WADA INDUSTRIES has adundant experience in mass production of stamping parts such as shells and shield covers. The shells and shield covers commonly used in 5G connectors as countermeasures for noise are relatively large and need finely detailed shapes to cover the connector. This requires wide and highly precise stamping machinery.
With our highly precise and wide stamping machines, including 60 - 80 tons wide stamping machines, we can support mass production of large precision parts such as shells and shield covers.

04Experiences in Precision Stamping of the Automotive Connectors for CASE

The CASE, which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric, is significantly changing the concept of the automobile. The automotive industry is continuing to see dramatic technological innovations.
WADA INDUSTRIES believes that the demand for connectors in the automotive industry will further grow due to these CASE-driven technological innovations. We have acquired IATF16949 certification, a quality assurance requirement unique to the automotive industry, and are moving forward with the installation of wide precision stamping machinery. We are now providing a vareity of precise stamping parts for automotive connectors.

05Experiences in Forming Wide Variety of Press-Fit Shapes

With our experiences and specialized technical capabilities, we have been mass producing not only a wide array of press fit terminals for telecommunication switchboards, but also pressed products for various press fit shapes since the 1990s.
Press fit terminals with consistent qualities are hard to produce without polished skills and experiences. WADA INDUSTRIES is here to handle your press fit needs, including die design, while offering both mass production and quality assurance.

06Able to Support 0.05-2.0mm Thick Metal-material, and 0.3mm Pitch Product

Our company specializes in precise stamping and die manufacturing for mass production. As such, we have the equipment and technical capabilities to provide high precision stamping that is more than sufficient for connector parts.

Stamping Overview
MaterialsPhosphor Bronze, Brass and Other Copper Materials, Stainless Steel, Etc.
Material Thickness0.05-2.0mm
Stamping Machinery15-110 Tons
Stamping Speed50-2,400 SPM
Die TypeProgressive Press Die
Die Size100-1300mm

01 Providing Designs and Cost-Efficient Solutions for Mass Production of Stamping Die Manufacturing

Given the years of experience and an established track record of development in pressed terminals for connectors, WADA INDUSTRIES is capable of providing an option for bulk production of stamping dies during the development review stage.
For products large in demand, we strive to be practical as well as cost-effective, which includes increasing SPM and the number of rows and cavities, as well as proposing methods for multiple products arrangement in a single pitch.

02 Support for Narrow Pitch and High Speed Stamping Die Manufacturing

Due to our experience in contract manufacturing the stamping parts of board-to-board connectors and FPC connectors for numerous connector manufacturers, we are always focused on improving the mass production capabilities of our die manufacturing, and are always working to refine our die manufacturing technology to support narrow pitch and high speed manufacturing needs.

03 Technology for a Durable Stamping Die

Stamping die maintenance and inspection is needed to ensure a consistent supply to fulfill customer needs. In order to improve the durability of the dies, our top priority is to consider measures to counter wear, which includes coating main die-parts, and selecting die-part materials tailored for the stamping material.
WADA INDUSTRIES is distinguished by its consideration for mass production.

04 Support for Various Stamping Methods

We are always refining stamping technologies and proactively working to introduce new stamping methods in order to help the customer. This includes "post-cut", "precise bending", "shaving-cut", and so forth.

05 6 weeks Leadtime from Design to Delivery

Dependent on product difficulty and order conditions, WADA INDUSTRIES is able to provide samples of mass production dies within approximately six weeks.
One of our strengths is that, when starting die manufacturing, our die designer works with the customer on its creation, which allows us to produce a die design that meets their specific and detailed demands.

06 Pursuing the Latest Technologies through Joint Academic-Industry Development

WADA INDUSTRIES works to refine the latest in stamping die technologies through academic-industrial partnerships.
In addition, we have a proven track record of joint development with the customer, and are capable of providing support from the initial design stage.

01 Reduction for Leadtime of Manufacturing Stamping Products or Stamping Die by Manufacturing Stamping Die Parts In-House.

Whether dealing with die-parts change, stamping trial of dies, or unexpected damage to die-parts, we respond quickly. This is a crucial factor, as it shortens not only stamping trial of dies but also MTTR during mass production.
WADA INDUSTRIES is equipped with a variety of machining tools in-house to provide rapid response.

02 Various Specialists of Manufacturing Stamping Die Parts

In addition to die parts, we also manufacture punch shoe, die shoe, and die plates in-house.
While in some cases, we may be unable to process all parts in-house, we have a die parts procurement network in the Tohoku region and also procure parts from overseas, resulting in a supply system that gives our customers peace of mind.

03 W-EDM Capable of Supporting up to 600mm Scale

Die size increases for complex or long-pitched stamping parts. Conventional W-EDM can support lengths up to 450 mm per one die plate. When this size is exceeded, a second plate is necessary. Separating into two plates creates issues such as a decrease in precision and an increase in die-parts numbers and so on.
WADA INDUSTRIES retains W-EDM that is equipped with a bed size that can support lengths up to 600 mm, making it possible to process the die plate as a single die plate.

04 History of Supplying Stamping Die Parts for a long time

Iwate Prefecture is located in the north-east Japan (=Tohoku region). Tohoku region is the one that specializes in precision die-parts manufacturing and has the Research Center for Die and Mold Technology of Iwate University, and the Iwate Industrial Research Institute, and so on. The east coast of Tohoku region, called "Sanriku Coast", is lined with many precision die-parts manufacturers.
As such, Sanriku Coast region is renowned in Japan for possessing the latest technology when it comes to precision die parts. When you submit an order to WADA INDUSTRIES, we can offer one-stop procurement through the precision die-parts manufacturers in the Tohoku region.

01 Support for 40 - 75 tons Injection Molding Machinery

WADA INDUSTRIES uses injection molding machines to manufacture plastic parts for connectors.
In addition to stamping, we are always improving our support capabilities for plastic parts for connectors as well.

02 Integrated Production System from stamping to Injection-molding and Connector Assembly

WADA INDUSTRIES operates an integrated mass production system spanning from stamping and injection molding to connector assembly.
Apart from reducing our customer’s administrative works with our one-stop support, we also emphasize on the quality of assembled products and periodically perform reviews of product tolerance level to improve productivity and reliability.

03 Experiences in Mass Production for the Automotive Connectors by Insert Molding

WADA INDUSTRIES also support mass-production of insert molding. We mainly work on insert molding for use in automotive, and also provide solutions to automate insert molding processes. One of our significant strengths is our ability to support the stamping products in-house used for insert molding.

04Experiences in Mass Production for the Automotive Connectors by Injection Modling and Assembly.

WADA INDUSTRIES produces plastic injection molded products used in connectors for automotive. We also assemble the connectors, which includes inserting stamping products into the plastic moldings.
We mainly use automatic assembly machinery for the assembly process, and can provide support for mass production connector assembly.

01 Experienced Technicians Specialized in Stamping

WADA INDUSTRIES cultivates technicians specialized for stamping.
We have established an in-house skill evaluation system, and are taking initiatives to cultivate the highest level of technical capability.

02 Acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certifications

WADA INDUSTRIES is among the earliest SMEs in Japan that have obtained ISO9001 certification in 1996. We have also acquired ISO 14001 certification and operate our business with consciousness of the environment.
In addition, in order to support the strict quality requirements of the automotive industry, we acquired IATF16949 certification for international automotive quality management systems in 2020.

03 Temperature Controlled Internal Testing Laboratory

WADA INDUSTRIES installed a temperature controlled internal testing laboratory in the new S3 building to reduce errors caused by changes in the inspection environment.
In addition, we are working to reduce measurement errors caused by inspectors and measurement instruments by evaluating repeatability across inspectors and measuring instruments using GaugeR&R and other techniques.

04 Equipped with Various Automatic Measuring Devices

WADA INDUSTRIES is equipped with automatic dimension measurement devices and microscopes made by QVI, Nikon and Keyence. In addition to such automatic measurement devices, we also have JCSS calibrated measuring microscopes.
Likewise, we have pressure contact testing device to measure the strength of press fit terminals. This makes it possible to control the strength of press fit terminals that are fit to printed boards.

05 Poka-yoke (In-line CCD camera, etc.)

Our stamping production line is well equipped with in-line CCD camera system that was developed in-house aimed to detect any major defects and prevent the outflow of defective products.
In addition, we also have a variety of fail-safe (Poka-yoke) systems equipped for the assembly process, including conductivity testers.

06 Original Quality Control System

Our quality control system consists of verifying quality immediately after completion of the stamping products, followed by collecting inspection data, conducting tendency management of dimensions, and shot number management. We monitor for stable quality for mass production, working to continuously improve the dies, production equipment, and quality stability.

07 24-Hour Production System

Our 24-hour weekday production system is always ready to operate in order to meet the needs of our customer. We are distinguished by our ability to provide flexible support, whether rearranging the production system, or increasing production capacity on weekends. We can mass produce over one billion pins per month.


WADA INDUSTRIES cultivates technicians specialized for stamping.
As a leader in the local economy, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

02 Strong Foundation at Tohoku Plant, withstanding Great East Japan Earthquake, and Well-trained Employees

While we were impacted by Great East Japan earthquake in 2011, the dedicated recovery efforts of our employees allowed us to resume operations 10-days following the quake, with full scale mass production resuming one month later.
We believe that this recovery is due to the strong foundation of our Tohoku factory, our well-trained employees, our connection with the community, and the massive support we received from our customers.

03 Global network

In 1996, WADA INDUSTRIES established Tohoku-Wada Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Shah Alam, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Subsequently, in 2012, we established Wada Industries (Changshu) Ltd. in Changshu, Suzhou, China. As such, we are able to provide local production support both in Malaysia and in China.

04 Infection prevention measures against epidemics

In Iwate Prefecture, the contagious spread of COVID-19 is relatively minimal.
While risk of plant closure is low given its location, we are taking thorough measures to prevent infection within the plant.

05 Long History and Various Experience

Founded in 1962, WADA INDUSTRIES has an established history in the precision stamping industry.
We are devoted to its daily operations, sufficiently handling both stamping die fabrication and mass production in stamping.