Support Areas

Connector Mass Production Flow and Our Support Areas

We also support prototyping stamping products, connector assembly, insert molding, and injection molding.

01 Product Specification Meetings

Through our many years of experience and achievements in stamping products for connectors since our founding, WADA INDUSTRIES is capable of providing an option for bulk production of stamping products during the development review stage.
For example, for products with large demand, we work to provide practical and cost-effective proposals such as increasing SPM and the number of rows and cavities, proposing multiple products in a single pitch and the other ideas that will lead to increase production capacity.

02 Stamping Die Design

Based on our meeting with our customer, we will design a die design to meet the customer’s demands.
Dependent on product difficulty and order conditions, we are able to provide samples of mass production dies within approximately six weeks.
One of our strengths is that, when starting die manufacturing, our die designer works with the customer on its creation, which allows us to produce a die design that meets their specific and detailed demands.

03 Stamping Die Parts Manufacturing

We are particular about in-house production of stamping die parts. We are taking on the challenge of high-precision and quick delivery every day, such as having W-EDM that can be machining large die parts such as die plates and can be machining up to 600 mm.
In case that we may not be able to manufacture all the stamping die parts in-house, so we make full use of our domestic and overseas die parts procurement network and take on the challenge of high precision and quick delivery every day.

04 Stamping Die Assembly / Stamping Trial

Due to our experience in contract manufacturing the stamping parts of board-to-board connectors and FPC connectors for numerous connector manufacturers, we are always focused on improving the mass production capabilities of our die manufacturing, and are always working to refine our die manufacturing technology to support narrow pitch and high speed manufacturing needs.
Furthermore, we provide support for a variety of stamping methods. We are always refining stamping technologies and proactively working to introduce new stamping methods in order to help the customer. This includes "post-cut", "precise bending", "shaving-cut", and so forth.

05 Stamping Mass Production

Stamping mass production is our greatest strength.
WADA INDUSTRIES is distinguished by its extensive lineup of stamping machines, retaining 15 tons high speed stamping machinery along with 110 tons high stroke precision stamping machinery.
Our 15 - 20 tons stamping machines are used for products made from thin metal materials and requiring high speed stamping. Our 60 - 80 tons stamping machines are used for products such as shell shapes. Our 110 tons stamping machine is used for products requiring high-stroke.

06 Connector Assembly, Insert Molding, Injection Molding

WADA INDUSTRIES handles insert molding and assembly of connectors mainly for automotive. We even produce the stamping products used for connector assembly and insert molding in-house, and is equipped with a supply system to ensure stable quality.
We are able to offer the optimal production method, including automated solutions, based on the customer’s needs.

07 Other Parts

In addition to stamping products for connectors, WADA INDUSTRTIES can also offer support for various other stamping and machining processes. We are pursuing the latest technologies through joint development with universities and the customer. Using the most cutting edge machining technologies, we have proven results manufacturing non-conventional products with difficult-to-machine shapes.
Furthermore, by partnering with qualified precision parts machining companies in the Tohoku region, we are able to provide support for a variety of products.